In times of disaster we are so focused on the current pain and loss that it is very hard to see how such a thing could actually be good. It rarely appears good in the moment. Alternatively, good things may not be as good as they seem. The Taoists belief is that things are neither good nor bad, just what is so.

How to manage your ANGER

We have all had times when we’ve been consumed by the fire of anger.  It’s a powerful force that can burst into flames in minutes, burning ourselves and others if we let it. Anger can cause feelings of guilt, regret, or shame and when it gets out of control it can destroy lives and relationships.

Rabbi and Psychiatrist, Dr Abraham Twerski, speaks about the three phases of anger. The feeling of anger when you are provoked, your reaction to this feeling, and then how long you hold onto this anger.  He calls the feeling of anger, true anger, the action of anger is rage, and the hanging onto anger he calls resentment.

In this video, he teaches us how unpacking anger helps us become more empowered in our expression of this complex emotion.

Alan Watts Explains What is Meditation. How to correctly meditate and the result of meditation

Alan Watts cuts to the root of what meditation really is all about. Meditative practice has no motive, except to experience the present moment. The goal of meditation is quite simple. To be within the here and now. To divorce yourself from symbolic language, hangups of time and experience the immediacy of the present moment. Meditation practiced for this reason transcends everything else. Once this fundamental point is grasped, you can meditate in anyway you see fit. Twisted criss-cross in a yoga pose or sitting on a park bench in a busy city street.

Heaven and Hell – A Zen Parable. Heaven and hell are indeed within us.

When we are engulfed with anger, hatred, fear, we suffer, and it is hell.When we feel compassion, humility and acceptance, for ourselves and for others, it is heaven. Our calm and joy fill us and also our environment. We know inner peace, not as an elusive entity, but as an experience we can truly feel, know and understand.

The Essence of ZEN

Allan Watts Beautiful Exposition of the Essence of ZEN.  Once you grasp it you can completely abolish all the problems and worries that arise as a result of feeling that you are a stranger and alien in a hostile world.

‘In a very, very simple way the real concern of Zen is to realize, not merely to think, but to know in your bones, that the inside world, inside your skin, and the outside world, outside your skin, going outside as far as anything can go into, galaxy beyond galaxies, is all one world and all one being, one’s self and YOU ARE IT.’ – Alan Watts.