A guide to slow and simple living

“Trust the seasons changing, trust your inner voice; it knows.” More often than not this fast paced society triggers feelings such as anxiety, worry and not being good enough. We’re constantly being bombarded with stimuli from outside sources, whether it’s through social media, the news or other peoples’ opinions and judgments. At times it canContinue reading “A guide to slow and simple living”

Are you limiting your own happiness? — Complete Phenom Enterprises

You know that feeling when you have been working towards a goal for months or years, and then you finally get there… and… nothing? Maybe you’re excited and relieved because you finally made it; you finally made it happen. Or maybe you are a little frustrated because you made it but you feel like you […]Continue reading “Are you limiting your own happiness? — Complete Phenom Enterprises”

POEM: Insight: Or, The Benefits of Meditation — the !n(tro)verted yogi

A beautiful expression of the benefit of Meditation Once, tsunami waves crashed ashore, catching me off-guard. In wonder of just what’d hit me, I’d sit – soaked and scarred. The more I’d sit, watching my world, the more I’d see storms howl. I’d still get drenched, but, sometimes, I could reach my towel. Often, whenContinue reading “POEM: Insight: Or, The Benefits of Meditation — the !n(tro)verted yogi”

Connect to the power you are

Everyone will agree that our mind is a chatter box. It begins to prattle unceasingly every moment of our conscious hours. Unconsciously have accepted the fact that to be engaged in this mental discourse is the only way to live. So we are constantly using words in our minds to interpret what is happening toContinue reading “Connect to the power you are”

Awareness preceeds manifestation.

Hello friends, You already are the peace, bliss and love that you seek. You already possess this infinite potential. Any thing that you do to add to it only disturbs the peace that you already are. The fact that you are searching for it is a reflection of the fact that you are not awareContinue reading “Awareness preceeds manifestation.”