Meta Life Mentoring is a personal service aimed at guiding you to a radical transformation in life.

The picture above is that of a very common illusion. When viewing the black area as the background, the vase becomes the figure. In turn, when viewing the white area as the background, the faces become the figure. It is also evident that both the figures cannot be seen at the same time. The same is also true with regard to human experience. Our existence is made up of that which is Eternal and timeless and that which is bound by space and time. Both are parts of a process of which one makes the other possible. But like the illusion its impossible to glimpse both the sides of the process at the same time.

Unfortunately our life is caught up and dominated by that part of the process which we experience thru our senses.  Considering it to be the only reality we are addicted and enslaved to its fluctuations leading us to identify ourselves exclusively with these experiences. As a result our lives go on repeating a pattern, dictated by a mind that is conditioned by the family, culture and society from our birth, ignoring the Eternal and Timeless that is the background helping us to have all these experiences.  

Another example that we could use is that of the T V screen which is never affected by the story that is being projected on it. What is being played out could be a tragedy, comedy or a documentary but it makes no difference to the screen. Once the TV is switched off the screen goes blank.  Just as the screen is needed for the image to be seen, the image is needed for the screen to come alive. Like the screen, the Source from which everything proceeds is above and beyond anything that is manifested and at the same time acts as the background for it’s appearence.

Meta in Greek means ‘beyond’ and Meta living aims at going beyond the appearances to experience the ground of our being. Once we are able to do this, our experience of the world is no longer defined by thoughts, feelings and emotions but are they kept in place by letting the Eternal, immortal and invisible part influence and guide us. By ‘going beyond’ we embrace both sides of the process and liberate ourselves from attachment to one side of the process, namely from the constricting and limiting mental constructs.

At the very heart of wisdom traditions is an obscure secret – namely, that you already possess this ultimate potential to go ‘beyond’; it is fully and totally present in you, right here and right now. All you have to do is to grasp it. Meta living begins when we do this and activate our infinite potential. It opens the door to a state that gives access to moments of pure bliss, genius, perfect health and connection to everyone and everything around us.

At metalifementor.com you will get the necessary guidance to experience, enjoy and express this ever present reality and create a life that is balanced, grounded and fruitful. You will find the explicit help in making the evolutionary leap that is crucial to true personal transformation that will help you evolve into a life of freedom, love and creativity.

If you would like to get the guidance and support to experience this metamorphosis and know more about it then you may contact us at metalifementor@gmail.com.

Experience, Enjoy and Express MetaLife

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